That’s me. I’m Guy. I’m an atheist, humanist, skeptic, anti-theist, non-theist, non-believer, godless heathen, etc., etc., etc. Find me on Twitter. Or ask me a question.









This is my blog and podcast. Its’s about atheism, humanism, skepticism—you get the idea. The blog part is often satirical and hopefully humorous at times. The podcast is an interview show with non-believers from across the web. View the Contact page to send me and email with suggestions or comments. You should DEFINITELY become a fan on Facebook. Or get updates via Twitter. Maybe you can appear on the podcast!





Podcast theme music, “Lazy White Atheist Blues,” by T. Randolph Scott.

Old theme music is from “We’re All Going to Hell,” by the Bastard Fairies.



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Inside the Atheists Studio blog and podcast by Guy Alan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License. All content may be shared or adapted provided it is not used for commercial purposes and is linked back to this site (where possible). Please click the link for details.

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