I Heart Voting in Ohio

Here in Ohio, Secretary of State Jon Husted launched an online poll for Ohioans (or anyone else who knows an Ohio zip code) to vote for a new voting sticker (as many times as they want). This stirred up a bit of controversy because some of the sticker options include the state motto, “With God All Things Are Possible.”

The sticker above was leading the pack (by a lot) before Hement Mehta encouraged readers to vote for the second place sticker, which doesn’t include the motto.

PZ also mentioned the poll and a repeat-voting campaign on the Cleveland Freethinkers Facebook page cropped up. Soon the numbers were close—very close.

The result? God got voted out of Ohio!

Well, sort of—it’s just a stupid sticker and the motto remains. A victory nonetheless. Congratulations, secular Ohio!

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I'm a skeptic, atheist, humanist, free-thinker, secularist, and a supporter of science, reason, and human rights. I blog about mostly those things.

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