Map: Locations of Japan Quakes

Both images are overlays I made of maps of both quakes provided by the Japan Meteorological Agency. I put big red dots to mark the epicenters. The dot on the right of both maps indicates the 8.9 9.0 magnitude quake off the coast of Sendai in Miyagi Prefecture. The left dot is the 6.6 magnitude quake in the area of Niigata and Nagano prefectures.

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4 Responses to Map: Locations of Japan Quakes

  1. Jinian says:

    Thank you! I found your post in searching for a map, and it’s just what I wanted. Now to find out how deep the epicenter of the Nagano-area quake was. I was in the Nisqually quake in Seattle and am trying to compare.

    • theGuy says:

      Glad I could help! The Japan Meteorological Agency (linked in the post) might have the info you’re looking for.

      • Jinian says:

        I did find it there, thanks. 10km deep for the recent Nagano quake vs. 52km for the Nisqually — very different.

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